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The Asian Students Cultural Association (ASCA) is non-govermental association founded by the late Mr. Goichi Hozumi in 1957. It was founded based on the philosophy of making a contribution to the acutual independence and development of Asia, Africa and Latin America. The Association since its establishment, with the same philosophcal background, has endeavoured to extent its help to students from Asia, Africa and Latin America by promoting an atmosphere wherein the Asociation and the students mutually learn from each other and share the daily life together. Moreover, the Association has been involved in solving various problems encountered by the students during their stay in Japan in pursuit of their studies.

In the year 1983, the long-cherished dream of senior students to have a Japanese language school in Asia Bunka Kaikan, finally became a reality.

This Institute is also administered under the same philosophy and objectives mentioned above. Specifically, the Institute offers to students from Asia, Africa and Latin America whose desire is to pursue further studies in Japanese universities, the required educational courses preparatory to enter universities on Japanese language and the basic general curriculum subjects, too.

Moreover, the Institute offers the first guidance for foreign students coming to Japan. Apart from its academic program, therefore, the Institute will give careful considerations to help those foreign students adjust to the social and school life in Japan through the cooperation of senior students and by maintaining a counseling service whereby students can discuss their problems concerning desired university placements and also their daily life.

The Asian Students Cultural Associatuion. 
Director General      Mr. OGISO YU