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Educational district, Bunkyo ward
ABK is located at Bunkyo ward that is center of Tokyo 23 wards. “Shoheizaka gakumonjo” which was the school established by the Edo shogunate at Bunkyo ward. Since then Bunkyo ward became popular as an educational district. Now there are the university of Tokyo, Ochanomizu university, Tokyo medical and dental university, Toyo university, Juntendo university, Chuo university, Nippon medical school, Japan women’s university and so on. Here is the best of educational district in Tokyo which plays a central part of higher education.
Historic, cultural and green Bunkyo ward
There are Rikugien and Koishikawa-Korakuen (Japanese garden) which are scenic and famous spots in Bunkyo ward. In addition there are Koishikawa botanical garden which is the oldest botanical garden in Japan, Hakusan park where there are many beautiful hydrangea, and so on. Bunkyo ward is green district though it is located in center of Tokyo. Regarding to museums, there are Printing museum, Toyo bunko (Asian book library), Bunkyo historical museum, The university museum of the university of Tokyo and so on. Except for these museums, there are unique and interested museums, residences of the celebrities, historic spots and cultural assets.
Capital of literature where literary masters met together once
Japanese famous literary masters and poets who supported literature in the Edo period and developed Japanese modern literature, Ogai MORI, Soseki Natsume, Ichiyo Higuchi, Takuboku Ishikawa and so on met together at Bunkyo and created many works. Green environment of Bunkyo ward might inspire them to create literatures and poems (including Haiku)