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Study trip in Summer 2012




143 ABK students and 14 teachers (including staffs) went to study trip on 30th July 2012 (Mon.). The place where they have gone was the fifth station of Mt.Fuji and Oshino-Hakkai (springs from Mt.Fuji).


The fifth station of Mt.Fuji

The temperature in Tokyo was 33 on that day, but that in the fifth station of Mt.Fuji (2,305m height) stood at 20℃ ! We enjoyed spending a time in cool weather.


took a picture with teachers !

They were looking forward to seeing the top of Mt. Fuji.


You also be able to mail a letter from Mt.Fuji.



The lunch tray was  local dish of Yamanashi pref. (one pot dish made from noodle, HOTO), fried smelt and so on.

Some students refilled more bowl of rice !

Oshino-Hakkai (springs from Mt.Fuji)

Every student was looking at clear water in the spring.


After walking around Oshino-Hakkai, they took a rest with eating Tofu or soft ice cream.

Took a group photo each class for the memory of study trip.


Students might be able to learn more about Japan by going Japanese famous place, seeing many things with their own eyes, and touching and feeling them actually.

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